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Aladdin Transaction Engine


(Tech0030A -- 05/21/98)

Back in mid Feb Laurence Taylor, laurence-taylor (at) easynet.co.uk, fed me one of the most specific and appreciated bug reports I have ever gotten. At that point he informed me that "RAM Charger 8.0.1 and the extension Aladdin Transaction Engine 1.1.1 conflict. Several shareware and demo applications use the Transaction Engine to enable and enforce payment: they do not launch without the Engine enabled. Aladdin ShrinkWrap 3.0 and TikiSoft DragNet 2.0 demo version use the Transaction Engine."

Subsequent testing confirmed Laurence's detailed report.

Testing turns up the fact that Square One also uses the Aladdin Transaction Engine, and thus will not run in "Demo" mode when RAM Charger is active. This conflict does not exist once Square One is purchased. Thus the only solution is to demo Square One with RAM Charger disabled to determine if you like it, then you will be able to use the two together should you like Square One and buy it. Based on other reports here on the list, there is no known conflict, nor any reason to suspect one, once Square One is purchased.

Back in Feb I did establish contact with an Aladdin engineer ("Glenn L. Austin", glenn (at) aladdinsys.com) through email messages that concluded with a long phone conversation. We were unable to come up with any way that RAM Charger could be modified to work around the "unique" technique that he is using. Subsequent to that conversation I have reconsidered the things he and I discussed, and am still unable to find any way we can accommodate the Aladdin Transaction Engine.

At the end of my conversation with him, Glenn said he felt that it was reasonable for him to come up with another way of doing things that would not conflict. With that, he went off that Thursday (2/19/98) and said he would contact me again. I have not heard, but I hope he is/was up to something.

Products I think use Aladdin Transaction Engine: ShrinkWrap, Square One, DragNet.

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