OptiMem RAM Charger--Not just more RAM, more POWER where you need it.

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OptiMem RAM Charger is not just another RAM upgrade.
It's powerful, easy-to-use software for your Macintosh®. Just install it to provide a level of OptiMization for most widely used applications. This frees up memory to keep more applications and documents open. But that's only the beginning.
RAM Charger provides revolutionary memory technology that works on today's big applications and documents making your Macintosh more reliable and easy to use.

For MacOS Published by
Jump Development Group
for Apple® Macintosh computers.

Updated on July 17, 1996

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RAM Charger is #1 on the list of best selling Mac software in Japan!

 The new Japanese translation of OptiMem RAM Charger is ranked number one on the lists of several trade publications including the 20 best selling Mac software titles in Japan, as reported in the March 15, 1996 issue of WPRESS.
RAM Charger is distributed exclusively in Japan by SystemSoft Corporation.

New OptiMem RAM Charger Update

The new v2.1.4 update and demo are now available to download.

Recent Reviews

Check out the rave reviews appearing in all the magazines:
  • Home Office Computing (October 1995) states in its four-star (of four) review that:
    With OptiMem RAM Charger"...memory errors occurred far less frequently ...had a stabilizing effect on the operating system."
    The review--which is a joint review with RAM Doubler(TM), by Connectix, which was rated 3.5 stars--concludes with: "If you use only one of these programs, choose OptiMem. The best choice, however, is to use both programs. The combination works seamlessly, offering more features and better operation than either program on its own."
  • MacSense (August 1995) concludes its five-bulb review with:
    "OptiMem RAM Charger is the steal of the year."
  • Macworld (July 1995) concludes its four-star review with:
    "The Mac OS ought to work this way already. Until it does, there's OptiMem RAM Charger."
  • Macworld (April 1996) tests version 2.1.2 in its The Right Tools for the Job feature article and again gives OptiMem RAM Charger four-stars as well as ranking it as one of six Universally Useful: Under the Hood utilities.
  • Mac Home Journal (July 1995) states in its four-apple review:
    OptiMem RAM Charger is a great improvement ...it gives you complete control over the memory you have."
  • MacWEEK (15 May 1995) concludes its four-diamond review with:
    "OptiMem RAM Charger 2.0.1 is a significant improvement over previous versions, offering much better ease of use, greater control over individual applications' memory parameters and an overall improvement in reliability. ... For those who need to squeeze the most out of their available RAM, whether or not they're running RAM Doubler, OptiMem provides a simple and unobtrusive way to do it."
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  • What's New
  • Download Demo and Update
  • Introduction to OptiMem RAM Charger
  • What the experts say about OptiMem RAM Charger
  • Feature Description (illustrated)
  • Detailed Discussions (text only)
  • Pricing and Ordering Information
  • Jump Development Group Addresses
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    Download OptiMem RAM Charger Demo and Updates

    NEW! Get the latest OptiMem RAM Charger V2.1.4, uploaded April 9, 1996:
  • Change Log Text
  • Demo Description Text
  • OptiMem RAM Charger Demo (800K, with manual)
  • Update Description Text
  • OptiMem RAM Charger Update (500K) to update older copies of version 2.
  • If the FTP server for these downloads is busy, look for the files at your favorite Internet Mac archive site. (Some spell it "opti-mem".) For example, the Info-Mac archives usually have the latest versions just a few days after they first appear here. At Info-Mac archives the demo and updates are kept in the "cfg" (or "_Configuration") directory. (You might want to try our favorite Info-Mac mirror site.) At the UMich Mac archives, the demo versions have not been as current so check the update also. They are found in the "misc/demo" and "misc/update" directories, respectively..

    More about file formats for downloads (encoding and archive compression).
    More about downloading via America Online, CompuServe, or e-mail.

    To receive notice of future updates by e-mail, visit VERSIONS!

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    * Pricing And Ordering

    World Wide Web users may purchase OptiMem RAM Charger directly from Jump Devlopment Group at a special discount of $59.95 plus shipping and handling ($4.95 domestic, $12.95 international). The OptiMem RAM Charger suggested retail price is $99.95.

    You may puchase OptiMem RAM Charger by sending e-mail to RAMCharger (at) RAMCharger.com with your full mailing address and a Visa, Amex, or Mastercard with expiration date.

    Try It. Buy It. Save Big. ($49.95 or less)

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    * Download Files Information

    The files available on the Internet are compressed StuffIt(TM) archives, encoded in the BinHex format. If you have any problem accessing the contained files after downloading, check out Aladdin System's site to get a free copy of Stuffit Expander(TM) or find another solution.

    * Alternate Locations to Download From

    Jump Development Group also uploads the OptiMem RAM Charger demo and update files to America Online(TM), and CompuServe(TM). They might be found in other locations, as well. However, we cannot ensure that current versions are available at locations we do not maintain. (The latest OptiMem RAM Charger files are generally available at the many mirror locations for the Stanford info-mac and UMich mac archives. Again, we have no control over these. You might try Internet searches for "opti-mem" and "optimem", but be sure to get OptiMem RAM Charger version 2 or later).
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    * America Online

    To locate OptiMem RAM Charger files select "File Search" from the "Go To" menu and search the "Utilities" category for "OptiMem". The files are self-expanding archives: just "Open" the file on your Mac to extract the component files. (We have seen the search function malfunction in AOL. Should this happen "Go To" Keyword "Utilities", then choose "Browse Individual Libraries" and pick "Control Panel Devices" and scroll until you find "OptiMem RAM Charger" - you may have to press the button "more".)

    * CompuServe

    The OptiMem RAM Charger files are located in the Mac System Software Forum, Library 4 (for Control Panels) or use GO CIS: MAC-14 . The files are self-expanding archives: just "Open" the file on your Mac to extract the component files.

    * E-mail

    We can send the OptiMem RAM Charger demo to you in an e-mail message. It is big (over 600KB) so your mail system must be able to accommodate this size. The demo will normally be mailed out to you within minutes.

    To receive the demo file as an E-mail message send a mail message to RAMCharger (at) RAMCharger.com with the words request demo in the subject field. (Please note, this address is not used for normal correspondence so, if you want a response to any other kind of message, please use RAMCharger (at) RAMCharger.com.)

    When the mail arrives, save the entire mail message to a file on your Internet computer's directory (you will have to know how to do this for your computer). Now you can transfer the file to your Macintosh Using your telecommunication software. "Send" the file from your Internet host and "Receive" the file on your Mac. Some telecommunication software uses protocols like ZModem, Ymodem, XModem or Kermit(TM) for transferring files.

    The mail file, now on your Macintosh, is the OptiMem RAM Charger code which is BinHex encoded as described above.

    If you have any trouble with downloading OptiMem RAM Charger files, please e-mail RAMCharger (at) RAMCharger.com and we'll get right back to you.

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    Jump Development Group Technical Support and Questions: RAMCharger (at) RAMCharger.com
    Sales: RAMCharger (at) RAMCharger.com

    All comments and suggestions welcomed.


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